Stories of The Smoke

Stories of the Smoke

Welcome to the first special edition of 2012! We are very excited to bring you four excellent short stories from Pandemonium’s Stories of the Smoke anthology – fabulous tales of Dickens’ London with a genre flavour.

In Inspector Bucket Investigates by Sarah Lotz we find the eponymous detective investigating a murder, but London herself isn’t everything she appears. Archie Black’s Uncle Smoke gives us a bird’s eye tour of the city, complete with histories, lore, and advice for the unwary traveller. A man after my own heart, Lavie Tidhar presents A Brief History of The Great Pubs of London, and David Thomas Moore spins a tale of violent lives and questionable parentage in Cuckoo.

Huge thanks as ever to the authors, the narrators, and to Jared Shurin, Anne C. Perry and the team at Pandemonium for letting us play with their anthology.