My Space – Using the Best Pet Vacuum to Create A Conducive & Creative Work Environment


You might not love the idea of housework, but you do the basics: vacuuming, laundry and dishwashing. When it comes to your home office, however, cleanliness not only keeps the space looking fresh and clean, but it also keeps it healthier as well. When you breathe in dusty air and write your book in a room with grime for more than ten hours a day, you might end being too sick to finish that new book, and if you’re susceptible, you might end up faring up your allergies and asthma.

There’s more to a clean home office than green paint (for boosting productivity) and neatly arranged shelves. If you want to get down and (un) dirty your office, you need to ensure that you have a perfect vacuum cleaner and clean these spots which most people typically overlook.

Your Ceiling Fan

Unless you’re in the NBA or just a naturally 8’5, you can’t see the top of your ceiling fan blade, nor is it easy to reach your fan. However, if you climb on a chair to take a look, you’ll be surprised to see the amount of dust accumulated. And you don’t want even to know what happens every time you switch that fan on to enjoy a cooling breeze on a sweltering summer.

You can avoid the sneeze-inducing scenario by wiping down the fan blades regularly and try using a ceiling fan brush attachment.

Under Your Furniture

Most people vacuum the open floors and ‘what’s visible ‘but not underneath desks, which is the breeding ground for dust bunnies, ugly swirls of pet hair, dust mites and dirt. So, make sure that you take an extra couple of minutes and use your pet vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment to suck away all the dust buildup from under your desk. Your nose, lungs and brain will indeed owe you one.

Humidifier or Air Purifier

If you have a humidifier on your work desk, you know that it’s a gift from the gods, especially during those arid winter nights. Humidifiers restore the moisture that the central heating system sucks away from your skin and throat.

An air purifier, on the other hand, is an ideal system all through the year since it works diligently to get rid of the dust and germs from your air. However, when you leave these products unattended for a while, they can become health hazards themselves.

You have to make sure change the water in the humidifier daily and follow the recommended schedule for cleaning your filters to the letter. Otherwise, you’ll end up stirring up your allergies and then lose that book deal that your publishing company had so philanthropically offered you.


Houseplants are the ‘organic’ air purifiers of the 21st Century. However, like everything else, plants gather dust, which not only dims their appearance but also makes it more complicated for the plant to carry out respiration through its leaves. So, do yourself and your English Ivy a favour and clean them a few times every year.

You can rinse your small plants in the sink or bathtub while you can carry your large plants outside and use the hose to rinse them. If you can’t do either, use a cloth to wipe off the plant’s leaves.

Doorknobs and Light Switch Plates

Most people keep touching their home office’s doorknobs and switch plates approximately 20 times every day and 90% of the time, bacteria and viruses on your hands take advantage of the opportunity and jump ship. It means that there’s a gradually increasing film of germs and other grungles on those spots and using antibacterial wipes or vinegar/water solution can help in whisking them away.

Don’t let germs, allergens and pet hair break your creative mojo. Write that book and enjoy some clean and fresh air while at it!