Flash Fiction Competition – Hidden History


In celebration of International Short Story Day, we are pleased to announce our first flash fiction competition of 2012 – Hidden History.

Once again we’re looking for the shortest of stories (no more than 1000 words, please) plucked from the whirling tumult of the past. As you can imagine, this gives you a pretty big playground to mess about in, but what we’re looking for are the shocks, the scares, the eerie and the uncanny. What horrendous tales of horror never made it into the history books? Which unsettling stories were whispered from mother to child, too terrible to ever be written down?

This time there’s just the one winner, and the prizes are:

1) Your story will be published and narrated in a special mini-edition of Dark Fiction Magazine.
2) A family ticket to the London Dungeon (that’s for two adults and two children), which is also valid for the Edinburgh Dungeon, York Dungeon, Blackpool Tower Dungeon venues.

I’ve actually been to the London Dungeon twice; the first time I was very small, and I went with a number of older cousins who delighted in telling me how there were monsters lurking inside, and these monsters were known to snatch children away in the dark. Probably to be eaten. Messily. Consequently, I spent our entire visit with my face pressed into the back of my Mum’s legs and I don’t remember anything else about it. Thanks a lot, cousins.

The second time I was a bit older and slightly less skittish, and thoroughly enjoyed my gruesome journey through London’s history. You can never have enough rats and stories about Jack the Ripper, if you ask me, and add to that a gift shop where you can buy fake blood and bat-shaped key rings, then I am over the moon.

The deadline for submissions is Friday the 13th of July, and the competition is only open to UK residents. Please use the usual submissions page, and include HIDDEN HISTORY in the title field. You can enter more than once but please submit separately, and remember, no more than 1000 words.

Happy writing!