Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dark Fiction Magazine all about? What do you do? Why am I here?

We love science-fiction, horror, fantasy, and all those smaller sub-genres with cool names and possibly their own stalls in Camden Market. We want to find good short stories and share them with you.

How much does it cost to pour these audio delights into my ear canal?

Nothing! DFM is free and will be forever.

Are you open for submissions?

Yes we are.

Please take note that Dark Fiction Magazine do not pay for stories. We are strictly non-commercial.

What about artwork and narration?

We are always in need of more artwork; details on how to submit are over here. We like to have a good variety of readerly voices at DFM so send a sample of your audio talents via the system here.

Anything else I should know before I get stuck in?

No. Oh, keep an eye out for our flash fiction competitions – we hope to be running several throughout the year.

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