Issue 4

Issue 4 - Bold as Love.

It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air, apparently. Where love mostly is, apart from in the air, is in gift shops and supermarkets around the world. Fluffy, patchwork teddy bears are declaring their love for you; shiny balloons are asking you to be their Valentine; enormous greeting cards are flying off the shelves with endless spoutings of banal sentiments.

Down with love, we say!

Or maybe not, because here at Dark Fiction Magazine we have a Valentine’s gift for you. Three alternative takes on love and romance with not a sparkly card or quilted heart cushion in site. Our stories this month come from Gwyneth Jones, David Howe and Liam Sharp. Enjoy! And remember, we love you guys, we really do…

Story: Bold as Love by Gwyneth Jones (read by Donna Scott) *warning, contains sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll (and lots of swearing)…just the way we like it.
Story: Emergency Exit by Liam Sharp (read by Marty Perrett)
Story: Susan by David Howe (read by David Moore)

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