Issue 14

Issue 14 - Under the Hollow Hills

Winter has finally released us from its freezing grip, and the first blue skies in what feels like an ice-age are making themselves known over a gradually defrosting London. I’ve been down to the cellar with an ice-pick and removed the goblins from their traditional winter hibernation bundle, and we are ready for another episode of Dark Fiction Magazine.

A flighty one, this. It’s hiding at the bottom of the garden, half glimpsed between the trees in the forest, and lurking in the shadows of the lonely hills. If you leave a saucer of milk out on your backdoor step at night it may, if you’re lucky, mend your boots and defrag your laptop. Folklore is our theme this month; the oldest stories, the truest stories, and sometimes the bloodiest.

In Kitsune by Den Patrick we get a brief taste of the seedy underbelly, while Andrew Reid shows us the lesser known paths created by Arthurian legend in The Crow Wife. Caren Gussoff takes us behind the scenes with Section III, and we end with a grisly tale of deception and a tragic passage into adulthood with David Hartley’s The Men.

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