Issue 13

Issue 13 - The Drowned Lands

This year, since we love Halloween so much and it never lasts long enough, the goblins have decided to stretch this episode out. We have four watery themed stories for you popping up on the website over the next week or so.

First story was the excellent Swamp Tale by Joshua Malbin, a twisted little tale of hope and second-guesses.

Second up on our week long Halloween Treat (no tricks) we had a chilling little tale of creeping horror and the merciless ocean. Presenting Jetsam by Adrian Faulkner…

For the third! Technically it’s Guy Fawkes Night, but if burning corpses and fiery explosions aren’t a little bit Halloween, I don’t know what is… So here, on the 5th of November, we give you the third part of our spooky special: A Humble Buttercup, written and narrated by the fabulous Emma Newman.

And to conclude this issue we end of our little series of Halloween treats with the marvellous Lou Morgan’s And the Northmen Brought Their Gods, a sinister and ominous tale to send us shivering into the winter months. Enjoy!

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