Issue 12

Issue 12 - Night Legends

Greetings, and welcome back to the cold and slightly decomposing bosom of Dark Fiction Magazine. In this issue we’re going back to our roots with an episode of classic horror from a collection of excellent writers (you can imagine our roots as the rotten and gnarled roots of a graveyard oak festooned with the mouldering bones and trinkets of the forgotten dead. If you like. That’s what I tend to do).

In Bad Call by Mark Morris our unfortunate narrator must flee from an unknown assailant, but all is not what it appears. In Eskragh by Martin McGrath and Bones are Rising to the Surface by Simon Kewin we take a chilling look at the shades that persist after death, and in The Head by Edward Gauvin a doctor has an unusual and grisly decision to make.

Huge thanks as ever to everyone who contributed to this episode; you are our very favourite demonic presences.

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