Issue 11

Issue 11 - Fractured Future

This is Issue 11.

There are dark times ahead.

Welcome back to Dark Fiction Magazine! In this, our first issue of 2012, we have a handful of excellent science-fiction stories for you; we will show you futures both distant and close, but all uncertain.

In Gareth L. Powell’s poignant Sunsets and Hamburgers we find a universe gradually moving towards a cold and inert end, while a resurrected couple desperately cling to what it means to be human. Erich Bergmeier’s The Miracle Cure and Matt Moore’s The Machinery of Government tell us chilling tales of technology and the questions we may have to ask ourselves in the not too distant future, while A Study in Flesh and Mind by Liz Argall explores the gruelling consequences of telepathy.

Big thanks as ever to everyone involved in this episode, and we hope to see you back here next time for a collection of dark and horrific tales.

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