Epic Flash Fiction Competition: The Winners


We are very pleased to announce the winners of our Epic Flash Fiction competition:

1st place: Snakebite by Kev Clark
Judge’s comment: “This is a well-observed story with a neat premise, a very good character and lovely flashes of humour within a tragic (and unfair!) situation. The ending is just right and I found myself imagining the reactions of those who find the body and read the tale of his death. The author resists the temptation to have his hero survive and that is to his great credit.”

2nd place: Rise of the Huntress by Andrew Reid
Judge’s comment: “Very well-crafted story with proper characters brought to life by tight dialogue and efficient use of physical description and emotional reaction. The suddenness of death is well-written and the ending is very satisfying.”

3rd place – Musings from atop a mountain of skulls by Kev Clark
Judge’s comment: “Another excellent entry from this author. A really original take on the actions of a merciless tyrant. It is written with good pace, in a style that is very readable. The matter-of-fact noting of atrocities is lovely.”

Congratulations to the winners. We would also like to express our gratitude to our special guest judge James Barclay who has done a stellar job on the difficult task of judging the very high quality shortlist.

We are busy producing the audio of the winning stories and hope to have them online within the next day or so.